Wisconsin Constitutional Militia Troop Command

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The Wisconsin Constitutional Militia Troop Command exists to network with militiamen around the state and to organize joint training and preparation exercises.  We are not motivated by politics and we do not engage in anti-government activities. We are American Patriots who take our constitutional obligation of serving in the militia seriously.

We are 100% legal and constitutional. We accept members of every race and every background. We realize that the US Constitution makes it clear that "We the People" are responsible for maintaining a well regulated militia. Our mission is to bring together the various Wisconsin militia groups and to coordinate a centralized training and communication program.

We will not allow any organization that engages in unlawful or unconstitutional acts to be associated with us. We do not tolerate hate speech, bigotry, or individuals that make threats against others. It is expected that one must regularly participate in training exercises in order to be associated with the Wisconsin Troop Command. It is also expected that minutemen take an active role in assisting their communities as the need arises.

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